the ugc platform for D2C 🚚 brands.

We're minisocial, a fully-managed platform that pairs brands with micro influencer creators who produce user generated content on demand and at scale.

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why user generated content?

social proof

Show off your product in the wild. Leverage content from real people on product pages, email, social, and more.

boost ad performance

Increase ROI with user generated content. Test with a constant stream of assets and iterate based on performance.

community building

Spread the word organically. Get your product in front of millions of users on the most active social platforms in the world.

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meet our creators

Good campaigns start with good creators. At minisocial, we work with micro influencers with a track record of producing great content. Together, they generate thousands of fully-licensed UGC assets for brands on minisocial each month.

our process

  1. 1

    create the brief

    Tell us what you want — what you really, really want. Using our brief builder, you can tell us about your brand, let us know what kind of content you need, provide reference material, and more.

  2. 2

    scout the talent

    Let us find your super fans. Based on your direction, we'll invite relevant micro influencer creators to check out the brief and opt in to the collab if they're interested.

  3. 3

    deliver the content

    This is the fun part. As our micro influencer creators produce content featuring your product, we'll deliver the fully-licensed assets via the platform for you to use however you like.

frequently asked questions

What is the mini license?

There's nothing small about our license. minisocial campaigns produce fully licensed user generated content for brands. Each asset is covered by our "mini license," in a nutshell, brands are free to do what they like with the content delivered to them. This includes use on organic social, acquisition, web, print, and beyond all without needing to worry about expiring usage rights, model releases, etc.

How does it work for brands?

The first step is getting a campaign brief built, that's where the brand will let creators know about themselves, their product, and creative vision for the project.

From there, minisocial will select relevent micro influencer creators and invite them to opt in to the project. Once we have a cohort of influencers ready to ship, we'll send you a notification.

After recieving influencers' handles, product selection (if applicable), and shipping details, it'll be up to the brand to ship product out to everyone.

Once product arrives, influencers will shoot and share content for the campaign. As minisocial recieves content we'll make it available for the brand to download.

How does it work for creators?

When we receive a campaign brief from a brand we check it out and narrow down the minisocial creator database to find people we think might be interested in the project.

They'll get an email from us with a link to the brief so they can learn more about the brand, view the specifics of the project, and opt in if they'd like to participate.

After being confirmed by the brand, each influencer will be sent product and will shoot and share content that's aligned with the brief.

What do I need to get started?

Are you a brand wanting to start your own minisocial campaign?

Awesome! Click the "start a campaign" button at the top of the page and you can get to work building out your first campaign brief.

Are you a creator wanting to join the platform?

We'd love to work with you! Tap "join as a creator" at the top of the page to get set up with a free minisocial creator account. When we have a project that's a match for you and your interests, we'll reach out!

How much does it cost?

minisocial campaigns are fully-managed and accessibly priced starting at $2,000 for a campaign of 25 micro-influencer creators.

As a project-based service, there are no long-term commitments of extra fees, you simply pay based on the number of creators you want to activate! Since minisocial is a two-pronged solution you can expect to generate the same reach as a traditional influencer activation while creating a library of fully licensed photo or video assets.

want to get started?

let's make something awesome together