Backpack for Multifaceted Women

MEIA is a backpack designed for multifaceted women, created by women. They partnered with minisocial to showcase the unique aspects of their backpack.



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MEIA is a backpack designed for multifaceted women, they partnered with minisocial to show the in's and out's of their product

the challenge

MEIA wanted to partner with micro influencer creators to create testimonial style videos with each creator bringing their own story to the table for how they would personally use their backpack

our solution

minisocial partnered MEIA with 25 micro influencers who shared the brands key messaging points in an authentic way by bringing their own personal needs into the story.

MEIA was able to gather 25+ videos that they went on to leverage across their homepage as social proof, on organic social, and even in emails.

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