The purest coffee concentrate in the world

Jot was looking to work with micro influencer creators on either TikTok or Instagram to produce a TikTok video or a Reel featuring their coffee concentrate.



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Jot has perfected the art of extracting the best of every coffee bean into a liquid 20x more concentrated than traditional coffee. Their Ultra Coffee is the purest kind of coffee concentrate

the challenge

Jot is known for their beautiful and sustainable way of enjoying a cup of coffee but it can be hard to envision a delicious cup of coffee coming from a small jar of concentrate.

our solution

minisocial partnered Jot with 25 relevant micro influencer content creators who together produced over 50 raw assets and a total of 25 fully produced videos. Jot and the team can now leverage this content on their own organic social or even remix the raw footage into ads or pop it on their website!

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