frequently asked questions

What is the mini license?

There's nothing small about our license. minisocial campaigns produce fully licensed user generated content for brands. Each asset is covered by our "mini license," in a nutshell, brands are free to do what they like with the content delivered to them. This includes use on organic social, acquisition, web, print, and beyond all without needing to worry about expiring usage rights, model releases, etc.

How does it work for brands?

The first step is getting a campaign brief built, that's where the brand will let creators know about themselves, their product, and creative vision for the project.

From there, minisocial will select relevent micro influencer creators and invite them to opt in to the project. Once we have a cohort of influencers ready to ship, we'll send you a notification.

After recieving influencers' handles, product selection (if applicable), and shipping details, it'll be up to the brand to ship product out to everyone.

Once product arrives, influencers will shoot and share content for the campaign. As minisocial recieves content we'll make it available for the brand to download.