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Clio Snacks are spreading the word about their delicious and healthy bars by partnering with micro influencers across TikTok to spread the word organically, while producing fully-licensed content.



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Clio Snacks partnered with minisocial to book 50 micro influencer creators for posts across TikTok

the challenge

Clio's Greek Yogurt Snack Bars can be found across major retailers and online, so now the team is focused on spreading the word organically across social channels and found micro influencers are one of the most authentic ways to do so.

our solution

By partnering Clio with 50 micro influencers minisocial helped Clio Snacks generate 50 posts from TikTok creators who created 68 fully-licensed assets that were delivered to the team directly through their dashboard on minisocial so they can seamlessly download and plug in that content across their own marketing channels, without any additional fee's in perpetuity.

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