10 brands leveraging UGC from minisocial to increase awareness and drive sales

see how minisocial power users are turning UGC into marketing gold 🏅

1. Plant People - TikTok Ads

Why this UGC works:

Plant People created ads with a top 18% industry average CTR by focusing their campaign on testimonial-style videos with creator voiceover. This content helps viewers contextualize the product and provide powerful social proof.

2. KRAVE Jerky - Organic Instagram

3. Native - Organic Instagram

Why this UGC works:

KRAVE Jerky and Native kick up the nostalgia with holiday-themed UGC that brings the joy of the season to life.

4. Imperfect Foods - Instagram & Facebook Ads

Why this UGC works:

Imperfect Foods' high-performing unboxing ads showcase a box of yummy foods while communicating the brand's USPs. While unboxing, creators highlight Imperfect Foods' mission to fight food waste, a win-win for customers looking to help the planet and get their shopping done in a convenient way.

5. Spotlight Oral Care - Organic TikTok

Why this UGC works:

It's hard to go wrong by jumping on a trend that feels like it was made for your product, that's exactly what Spotlight Oral Care did. By having creators stitch a viral video they were able to create hundreds of moments (with content receiving a total of over 10 million views) that led to their viral teeth whitening pen selling out on shelves across the country.

6. Corkcicle - Reels

Why this UGC works:

Corckcicle created a montage showcasing customers' day-in-the-life moments with their product in-action. By having creators flip, toss, and sip, Corkcicle showcased the durability and practicality of one of their hottest items.

6. Nom Nom - Instagram and Facebook Ads

Why this UGC works:

Buying new pet food can be tricky, especially when you have a picky eater. Nom Nom's ads double down on showing how and why so many dogs love their food.

7. Better Natured - Pinned How-To

Why this UGC works:

The success of a new product can rely on customers using it properly, pinning a how-to with your latest drop to the top of your profile will bring awareness to the product while also giving customers easy access for a quick how-to once theirs arrives.

8. Blueshift Nutrition - Organic Reels

Why this UGC works:

Having a new style of product in a space as familiar as a multivitamin can be tricky. Blueshift Nutrition has been tackling this head-on by leaning into UGC to make their product more approachable while sharing the benefits of drinking your vitamins.

9. Alala - Product Page Social Proof

Why this UGC works:

Point of purchase is one of the last steps in your customer's journey, don't let them bounce because they can't picture the product IRL. Like Alala, including videos & social proof on product pages helps showcase your product in the wild which gives customers the confidence they need to click add to cart. Bonus points if traditional reviews are positioned alongside the videos/images.

10. Tea Drops - Organic TikTok

Why this UGC works:

Tea Drops has such a unique product, that is best shown with a demo. Traditional demos can feel stuffy and unnatural. Sharing authentic UGC videos of folks making and sipping their Tea Drop it helps contextualize their product and piques the interest of potential customers.

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