How top DTC brands successfully leverage UGC

With all the noise around UGC (for a good reason) we wanted to take a moment to digest where some of the top DTC brands are using UGC to help inspire your UGC strategy moving forward!

Organic Social

This one is why minisocial was founded in the first place, UGC content on organic looks and feels native on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. By bringing content created by your micro influencers into your organic presence you're building out a community of brand enthusiasts and encouraging others to join.


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Feed Posts

minisocial tip #1:

Utilize micro influencers and thier UGC content for promoting a new retail partnership. Here's some examples we love from previous minisocial retail campiagns:


While competing for new eyes and trying to keep up with the spend of billion-dollar brands the best bang for your buck is creating ad content that actually don't look like ads. The more native feeling your content the more likely you are to get engagement and conversions. This is true across all advertising platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, and Google just to name a few!

Instagram story ads

Facebook ads

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Web ads

minisocial tip #2:

Utilize TikTok trends or create your own. The virality of TikTok is like nothing else and by choosing something unique you'll stand out from the crowd. Try creating your own sound or start a hashtag that you hope to get trending! Here's a freebie: Run a campaign on your other marketing channels and ask your current customers to make a TikTok video using that hashtag/sound for a better chance of virality,


Social selling shouldn't stop on social media, the best way to continue the momentum and make your new customers feel like they're a part of the community is by leveraging UGC on everything from your homepage, product pages, and by including content in reviews! We even love having creators create a recipe for their content and as a brand creating a blog post featuring the creator's take on your product!


Image Courtesy of @pineapple_pey

Product Pages



minisocial tip #3:

feature partnerships with other brands in a new light by bringing real-world styled UGC content into the mix and having your brand evangelists share details about the collab.

You can check out more UGC created by minisocial with our case studies.

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