Four Tips: How @pineapple_pey takes creativity to the next level

Meet Peyton Bell, the creative mind behind @pineapple_pey. Concepting new content ideas can be overwhelming and you might feel like you’re stuck sharing the same type of posts over and over again. Today Peyton is going to share with us her four tips on developing and shooting content that is unique and engaging!

Tip #1: Get Inspired!

"I love scrolling Pinterest for photoshoot ideas and concepts. Instead of searching things like “photoshoot ideas” I always search for things like “editorial photoshoots” or “editorial poses” to get some really fun unique ideas. These same searches work as hashtag searches on Instagram as well! From there I’ll take an idea and put my own creative spin on it to make it my own. A lot of times I’ll be inspired by other creators too! If you choose to go the creator inspiration route, don’t forget to credit the creator who gave you your inspiration! However you get your inspiration, have fun with it and make it your own!"

Image Courtesy of @pineapple_pey

Tip #2: Do You!

"I used to plan my photos weeks ahead using the Preview App and I was so worried about how one photo would look next to the last. It drove me crazy. Sometimes I would reshoot a whole concept just because I didn’t like the way my favorite photo from the shoot looked on my feed. Recently my schedule has gotten a little hectic and I haven’t been able to plan my shoots out as far ahead as I would like, but I actually kind of love it! As long as I’m happy with the photo itself, I’m happy posting it. The rest will work itself out. Some creators, especially fashion creators I’ve noticed, take pride in a cohesive feed and that’s totally fine! That’s what works for THEM, but as a creator who comes up with off the wall ideas sometimes, it doesn’t really work for me. Everyone’s creative journey is different. Embrace that!"

Image Courtesy of @pineapple_pey

Tip #3: Learn to Accept Failure

"There’s been many days where I think I have a great idea for a shoot and then it just doesn’t quite come to fruition. Don’t be discouraged if you just have to step away from an idea and rework it! The final photos will thank you! I shot this look three times over. And I’m obsessed with the final images. Still one of my favorite shoots to date."

Image Courtesy of @pineapple_pey

Tip #4: Work Outside of your Comfort Zone

"My best photos are the ones where I was shooting thinking “I feel so weird” “these are not going to come out good” “lol what am I doing”. Creativity is about thinking outside of the box so don’t be afraid to try new things and not to care so much about what people think! Go to a thrift store, pick up the weirdest thing you can find, and use it as a prop for your next shoot! The crazier my ideas get, the better response the photos receive. If you want to be a creative, claim it. Get crazy, get weird, be unique, and be CREATIVE!"

Image Courtesy of @pineapple_pey

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